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How do I join?

You don't. Friend the community instead.

I want to make a secret, but I don't know how!

We'd like to direct you to fandomsecrets's wonderful HOW TO CREATE A SECRET.

Why hasn't my secret been posted yet?

Secrets are posted in randomly selected batches of ten secrets per day. So it's probably just that we haven't gotten around to yours yet.

Why was my secret labeled not!secret?

Things not stated as secrets will not be considered secrets, and mere text on a fandom image does not a fandomsecret make: for example "OTP!" or "Awesome!" or "I came!" "XYZ > all!" We're being strict on this to avoid floods of "this character is the best!" and "I love you!" and stuff like that. --- fandomsecrets

What constitutes a personal attack/pointless wank?

When the secret both clearly identifies the person being bashed and insults someone personally. "I hate the way this person writes a certain character" is not a personal attack; "I hate the way this person writes a certain character and she's a crappy writer with no hope" or "she's a mean old stupidhead STUPIDHEAD" is. And honestly, outside wank has no bearing on the way we decide this: outside wank is outside wank -- if it's not in the actual secret, it's not in the secret, sorry. --- fandomsecrets

Can I post a secret about [insert name of FF character here]?

Does the secret have something to do with KH? If so, yes. If not, no.


Too bad. You took the risk when you posted the secret.

(moar faq will show up as soon as we get our jive back)
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